Art and Culture in Vallarta

Dance and theater

Puerto Vallarta features a wide range of art and especially contemporanean art. While besides the Santa Barbara Theater and the theater inside the installations of the C.U.C. no real theater is available, there are sufficient places and locations where artistic events can be performed. The local government provides with the "Los Arcos" open air theater a nice but small place for performances. This is important to know as its location at the end of the Malecon allways attracts many visitors and to get a seat one needs to be there an hour before the announced starting time.

Contemporanean Dance

Many performances show contemporanean art in the one or other way. Theater groups as well as individual artists have their presentations there, but the crown of all events is when You have the chance to see one of the dance events, organized by the local university of arts. This university of arts, which actually is in its pilot project, provides world class ballet and contemporary dance of the highest class.

Art Galleries

Many Galleries like "the Loft", "Galleria Dante" or "Galleria Corona" are located in the small streets of Puerto Vallarta. The most interesting ones can be found either on the malecon or in the old city of Vallarta. Soon we will provide a complete list of recommendable galleries.

But there are not only the paintors which are well known in Vallarta, sculptures play a mayor role in the area of contemporanean art. So. if You walk a long the Malecon You will see each 50 Meter another impressive sculpture.

Contemporanean Art

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